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About Our Farm

Professional Local Poultry Farm

What does “Chicken” mean to you?
As a passionate chicken owner and an avid promoter of self-sufficiency, I encourage everyone who may be interested to take the plunge.  You don’t have to have a farm or a large amount of acreage.  Your flock does not have to be a dozen or more.  You may only have room for one or two.  Chickens are a great way to be a part of 4-H if there is no room for that Bovine or Swine.  They can also be quite affectionate and friendly.  Much like the effects of watching fish in a fish tank, chickens can have the same calming affect while providing a bit of humor in their curiosity driven behavior and antics.  ~ Barb
You may only be interested in eggs or that juicy drumstick, but you may be in for a surprise as you venture into the world of “Chicken!”
Our Mission
We are committed to providing the best experience possible for bird and keeper.  Whether you are just starting out or you are an avid and experienced flock keeper, we are here to help!

About Us: Our Farm
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